Thursday, April 7, 2011

McCleod Ganj and Amritsar Photos

It was cloudy most days but didn't rain much.  There were all sorts of trails in the mountains that were fun to follow.
Dumpster monkeys!
The villages had a little character too.  Much appreciated after the concrete blocks throughout most of India.
Monks getting schooled.
This kid starts a conversation in the bathroom then hijacks his family for a photo op.  Shoes weren't allowed and you needed to cover your head to go into the compound itself.
The Golden Temple, holiest shrine in Sikhism.  It was gorgeous, you can keep walking around and around to find different viewpoints.  The only temple in India that blew me away.
Another view.

Another thing about Sikhs, amazing hospitality.  These people are the volunteer dishwashers they help keep the free meals coming.  Gotta keep the dhal flowing.

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